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Stop Saying Sorry

We apologize so much it’s actually offensive.  Your empty apology for being late means nothing.  Your apology for taking up space in an elevator minimizes all women.  Your apology for taking 24 entire hours to reply to an email minimizes the value of you and your time.


Before I jump down your throat too much, I will tell you I am WITH YOU.  I do it too.  But I’m really working on doing it a lot less.   Because I want to be seen as authentic and strong and of value – because I AM.

Also, I’ve started to catch Vinnie apologizing inappropriately – for little things that aren’t his fault – that haven’t actually hurt anyone.  My apologizing is teaching him to minimize himself.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

If you are an over apologizer or you know someone who is, you need this episode.

If you want to model genuine apologies, connection and relationships to your kids, you need this episode.

I am NOT AT ALL SORRY for imploring you to tune in.  This is a good one.

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Stop Saying Sorry
Episode 149
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