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How You’re Minimizing Yourself and How to Stop

“My life is just so crazy.”

“I’m just such a clutz.”

“I never know what I’m doing.”

These are comments women make regularly – usually stated in a “you know how it is, right?!? hahaha” giggly, somewhat apologetic kinda tone.

It’s how we connect to each other.  We identify as “never having my head screwed on straight heeheehee”, “never having my shit together hahaha”, never feeling totally in control of my life lolol”.   And then we hope/expect whoever we’re talking too will reply with something like, “Oh my gosh – TOTALLY – me too!!!”

This leads us to behave in ways that reflect that we do not have our heads on straight, we do not have our shit together and we are not in control of our lives.

These kinds of self-deprecating comments would be funny if they didn’t actually come true as a result of us saying them and embracing the identity that comes with them.

Here’s the thing…

You are a grown ass woman.

You are strong, powerful, and capable.

You actually DO have your shit together.

You actually ARE in control of your life.

So start talking and acting in a manner which reflects the truth.

Stop minimizing yourself – especially in front of your kids.

Stop embracing an identity that is wrapped up deflection of your true talents & strengths.

Stop embracing that you are clutzy, weak, inadequate, unqualified in any capacity.

Start leading with confidence (even if you are 100% faking it.)

Start showing your power.

Start shining in your strengths.

Start taking yourself seriously as a badass and as a woman who is changing cultural norms around how women behave.

I have your back.

You need to have your own back too.

Listen in to hear what inspired this rant and to be inspired to expand you potential and your life.

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How You’re Minimizing Yourself and How to Stop
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