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98: Holly Joi Rigsby: Finding Everyday Joi

Holly Rigsby is a Lifestyle Design Coach for Moms over at Over the past 11 years Holly has coached over 29,500 women to become the best version of themselves through her programs and products.  Holly also has two sons, Tyler and Alexander, who inspire her to live in joy (JOI) everyday.

In this interview, Holly openly and bravely shares how she has found herself at different times in her life unable to find the joy she knew she wanted.  Holly has always worked in service to others – as a teacher, a personal trainer, an online fitness expert to moms, and a mom.  Serving others is extremely rewarding, but it can come at the expense of creating joy for one’s self at times.

When Holly looks back at her boldest moves in life – to leave her first husband when her son was still very young, to change careers, to make a dramatic shift in her business, she can identify that she makes a move when she is searching for a new level of joy.  This is the inspiration for her most recent professional move, the launching of her Lifestyle Design Coaching programs and creation of her new Everyday Joi community.

Listen in to hear Holly share:

  • How she has become a sought after leader, even though she never identified as one
  • Why leaving her first husband was an imperative step in finding true joy in all areas of her life
  • How she built a powerful online community for women to “walk side-by-side, encouraging each other” to reach their goals
  • How the traumatic loss of her sister inspired her to make a bold professional change
  • Why the pursuit and acknowledgment of Everyday Joi is essential

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98: Holly Joi Rigsby: Finding Everyday Joi
Episode 98
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