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18: Jill Coleman – How to Eat Every Damn Day

Back in Episode 13, I shared with you that I’m a bit of a stalker.  Jill Coleman is someone I’ve been stalking for a couple years now.  Her story about the evolution of her relationship with food is something I relate to 100%.

As I’ve taken a gentler approach with food in recent years, I have been so inspired by everything Jill has to say.  In fact, I’ve adopted many of her philosophies (especially when it comes to WINE – can I get an AMEN?!?)

If you struggle with food at all, you will learn a ton today!

Today Jill shares with us:

  • How to finally find and manage moderation in your diet (#moderation365)
  • The use of pre-emptive cheats & treats to ward off binging and over the top indulgences (enter: wine!)
  • The truth about food scarcity and how it messes with your head
  • How to eat within reason and feely fully satisfied everyday (#satisfactionfactor)
  • How to recover and be a little more kind to yourself when you “fall off the wagon”


To read more fully about Jill and her philosophies about food, head over to:

On May 3rd, Jill will be launching her TreadLift program here:

For more Shameless Mom info on “Bad” Food Days, check out Episode 03.

18: Jill Coleman – How to Eat Every Damn Day
Episode 18
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