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124: Sistermixin with Tracey and Jo

Tracey and Joanne are mothers and sisters who are living the healthiest, happiest life possible.  Together they created Sistermixin’ to improve their families health and spread the word of their life-changing discoveries.

They are on a mission to share how you can improve your health and your life by removing toxic additives and preservatives from your diet.

Their mission all started when Joanne’s young daughter was having significant health and behavior issues.  Desperate for answers and willing to try anything, Joanne removed additives from her daughter’s diet and saw her daughter change before her very eyes.

Shortly after this life changing discovery, Joanne shared her tips with Tracey and they have never looked back.

Listen in to hear Tracey and Joanne share:

  • How Joanne was able to completely change her daughter’s health and behavior by changing her diet
  • What kinds of preservatives your kids are eating that you don’t know are harmful
  • What to look for when reading food labels
  • What additives should be most avoided
  • The truth about food dyes and MSG (and how they are hidden everywhere…)
  • Simple steps to get started with additive free eating
  • How to support your child’s special eating habits in social settings

Links Mentioned:


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Study: Southhampton Study of Food Dyes and Hyperactivity in Children

Course: Additive Free Made Easy

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124: Sistermixin with Tracey and Jo
Episode 124
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