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122: Melissa Fox Lehman: Family, Community and Pogo

Melissa Fox Lehman (layman) is the CEO and co-founder of Pogo Rides. For the last 15 years, she’s been helping Fortune 50 companies and nonprofits develop strategy and roll-out global programs. She loves developing actionable strategy and seeing those strategies brought to life. When she became a mom she knew she wanted to focus her energies on building something to make life easier for busy parents. This was the genesis for Pogo.

Melissa and her team are committed to helping families find safe and flexible transportation for their school-age children. As a mother of two, she understands the logistical challenges faced by busy parents of busy kids and believes in the power of communities to help each other live fuller and less stressful lives. Safety, community, and ease are the core tenants of Pogo Rides.

I wanted to have Melissa on the show to talk about how her view of work changed after she had kids.  She very consciously chose to shift directions and build a business that could support other families.  Her professional mission has evolved right along side her path in motherhood, as I think often happens.

Listen in to hear Melissa share:

  • The power of sharing in your community
  • Why it’s ok to outsource duties
  • Why asking for support helps you and your community
  • How we can create a lot more win/win opportunities among our neighbors
  • How to revolutionize your carpool network

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122: Melissa Fox Lehman: Family, Community and Pogo
Episode 122
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