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108: Leanne Kabat- When You Only Have 5 Years to Live

I have to start this by letting you know this was easily one of my favorite interviews ever.  You are in for the most gut wrenching story, told by the most amazing heroine and SuperMom, Leanne Kabat.

Leanne moved to From Ottawa, Canada to Sammamish, Washington in January 2016.  Before she had a chance to make any friends, her husband left on a week long business trip.  Leanne was home with her 4-year-old and her 2-year-old, and she was 5 months pregnant.

Her husband had been gone a for a few nights when Leanne woke up to pee one night (remember all the pregnancy peeing?!?)  When she got out of bed, she passed out, falling on her belly, and woke up on her bedroom floor paralyzed.  She would lie there for hours unable to move or speak.

After hours of willing herself to GET UP, she finally regained enough mobility to get up and get herself, kids in tow, to the hospital.  What followed were months of testing, the birth of her third baby, tons more testing, and ultimately this prognosis, presented by a large panel of doctors and medical experts:

“We don’t know what you have.  But we can tell you that based on the brain damage we are seeing from your ‘incident’, you only have 5 years to live.”

Listen in to hear:

  • what Leanne’s life was like after receiving a death sentence
  • her ultimate breaking point 3 years after her diagnosis
  • how drugs ruined her and mindset saved her
  • how she finally stumbled upon her MamaCon tribe and how life changing and life giving this tribe has been
  • why she chose to buy MamaCon based on “the utterly unshakeable belief that no mama should mama alone”

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108: Leanne Kabat- When You Only Have 5 Years to Live
Episode 108
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