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100: Amy Moses, PT: Truths and Myths about Your Mommy Bladder

Amy Moses is a physical therapist who works exclusively in women’s health with a specialty in pelvic floor physical therapy.  I met Amy a few years ago when she was my pelvic floor PT.  I quickly developed a huge girl crush on Amy, as she made me feel so comfortable at such a vulnerable time in my life.  She helped me heal my body and become stronger as a women and a mom.

Amy and I dive deep into the world of pelvic floor rehab today – discussing incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic pain that happens to most women after giving birth (as well as to women who have never given birth!)  Amy is on a mission to normalize these kinds of conversations and to bring pelvic floor rehab to all moms.

Perhaps the best part of this conversation and Amy and I disclosing our own personal experiences with pelvic floor dysfunction after having babies.  It’s not pretty, friends….  But it’s TOTALLY NORMAL.  I think you’ll get a few good laughs as we share our personal journeys – and perhaps you’ll be able to relate!

Listen in to hear Amy share:

  • The truth about incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic pain the most of us experience
  • Why understanding this major women’s health issue is critical in the current political landscape
  • How Kegels can make everything worse
  • Why the pad/panty liner industry is making a KILLING off you
  • What you can expect when you go to pelvic floor physical therapy
  • How to find a pelvic floor PT near you

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100: Amy Moses, PT: Truths and Myths about Your Mommy Bladder
Episode 100
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