Motherhood is a challenge. Daily. Being shameless is required if you want to build a life and a legacy you love. I am here to give you the tools to bridge the gap between motherhood and living the life of your dreams.

Lori Lee: Love Your Story

Lori Lee, the host and producer of the Love Your Story podcast–an empowerment podcast focused on how we can lift ourselves and others to greater places because of our control over our stories — found her love, understanding and appreciation for stories as she studied and researched the personal narrative for her Master’s degree program in Folklore at Utah State University. A professional writer for the past 25 years Lori has 4 books, over 100 published magazine articles, and she taught writing at Utah State University. Lori has been on Park City TV as a trails host, Studio 5 TV, and multiple radio morning shows to share her expertise. She recently released an audiobook/ebook called The Key To Your Super Self – How your stories unlock your power.

Lori is also a Shameless single mom to her sons, ages 21 and 17.  She walked through cancer with her 21year old son last year and he is now thriving.

Listen in to hear Lori share:

  • The function and importance of our stories
  • How her story of 3 divorces and enduring her partner’s abuse and addiction fueled her professional journey and her Love Your Story podcast
  • How to find meaning and comfort out of your sacred spaces of severe suffering
  • The 4 steps to start rewriting the stories that are holding you back in your life

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Lori Lee: Love Your Story
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