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22: Erin Brown – Letters to Lola

Erin Brown is someone I have long admired.  Erin is one of the first women I found online who was part of a much-needed movement to encourage women to STOP shrinking.  Her words and philosophies have been hugely impactful and healing to me in the last 4 years.

Erin gives women permission to unapologetically stand in their space “As Is” (the name of her first book.)  She is brilliant and graceful, but also bold, honest and raw.

I knew I wanted to interview Erin long before I launched The Shameless Mom Academy.  So, it was an honor to record this with her.

Listen in and hear Erin share:

  • Her journey into motherhood and personal training that was not about weight loss, although it yielded weight loss
  • How she evolved from Fit Mama Training, a place where she was often criticized, into I Am Erin Brown, a place where she is revered.
  • How she learned to manage mommy rage
  • The power of sharing her experience with sexual assault to stop intergenerational trauma
  • The magic of her new book, Letters To Lola – and how Lola has inspired her to change the landscape for all women and girls



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22: Erin Brown – Letters to Lola
Episode 22
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