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20: Jillian Mitchell: Foster Adoption and Finding Your Family

I’m so grateful to my friend Jillian Mitchell for sharing her story of fostering to adopt her son, Fletcher.  Jillian and her husband Matty went through quite the journey to find the family they were always meant to have.

As a young couple, Jillian and Matty set out to foster a child before ever trying to have biological children, knowing there are so many kids out there who need and deserve an amazing family.

On December 28, 2011, they received the phone call that made them parents and within hours they were bringing their son home with them.

What followed was over 2 years of highs and lows and a lot of love.  They didn’t know how their foster story would end, but they were able to fully embrace Baby Fletcher as their son immediately, having agreed with each other early on that,

“Whatever child we bring home deserves all of our hearts no matter what happens.  When they are with us we will love them like they will be with us forever, no matter what happens.”

For 2 years, Jillian and Matty worked through a grueling court mandated visitation schedule where Fletcher had time with his biological mom (sometimes 4 days a week – where he cried through entire visits as Jillian listened in from outside).  They endured many court dates and changes of events & routines as Fletcher’s biological mom bounced in & out of sobriety and rehab.

On more than one occasion, they feared they may lose their son.

You will note how calm and graceful Jillian is as she shares their story.  Even in the darkest moments of her life, knew she was with the family she was meant to have.  She admits her gut told her, “I know it’s going to be okay because I know this is my son.”

I can’t thank Jillian and Matty enough for sharing their story.  I hope it inspires another couple to go out and find the family they are meant to have.

20: Jillian Mitchell: Foster Adoption and Finding Your Family
Episode 20
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