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127: Navigating the Messy Middle

Today I’m going to give you my Bloomsday Race Report and share my weakness – The Messy Middle…

Whenever I set out out to accomplish something I start out 100% inspired, motivated, excited, strong, powerful, eager, peppy, spirited – and eagerly anticipating success.

Then I get about 60 % toward my goal and I CRASH.

This is where things get uncomfortable, uncertain, not-so-strong, less powerful, way less motivating, uncertain and ugly.  I often feel self doubt, fear, and negative self talk.

Welcome to the Messy Middle.  Have you ever been???

Once I push through the Messy Middle I once again feel optimism, motivation, excitement – all those initial feelings come flooding back.  I feel powerful as I approach my finish line or deadline.

When you’re in that Messy Middle, you want to BAIL.   Maybe you actually do bail sometimes.  I know I have.

Listen in to hear the strategies I use to take control of my Messy Middle and reach my goals (including my Messy Middle at Bloomsday last weekend).  These are simple things that will take you far.

The Messy Middle is where you will make something of your goals and dreams OR where you will lay them down to die.  The choice is yours.  Understand the power of that decision.

You can do anything – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do anything.  It’s never easy. It’s rarely pretty.  But it’s always worth it.

Lastly, SHOUT OUT to the Bethany and Katie, the mamas in the photo for this episode.  They were the best Bloomsday running buddies!

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127: Navigating the Messy Middle
Episode 127
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