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126: Melissa DaSilva: Pride Connections

Melissa DaSilva is a clinical social worker and founder of the group practice East Coast Mental Wellness in Providence, RI. She serves as an individual and couples therapist, as well as a group facilitator. She has spent many years working in schools as a school social worker and has an upcoming podcast titled Pride Connections.

Melissa is an expert in the field of transgender topics and works with many trans and nonbinary youth to provide support throughout their transition. She collaborates with outside providers to ensure comprehensive care for those who wish to pursue physical transition. Melissa enjoys working with clients on LGBTQ topics, academic issues, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders. She also has experience supporting clients with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Her practice is welcoming towards all genders and sexualities, as well as poly and kink couples. She uses a variety of approaches in her therapy including pet therapy, meditation, and places a lot of focus on sleep and nutritional health. When Melissa isn’t running her business she is creating art and selling it at local markets.

Listen in to hear Melissa share:

  • What all the letters mean in LGBTQQIA (they are all different and all important)
  • What the terms cisgender, non-binary, gender-expansive and gender fluid mean
  • The difference between sex and gender
  • How to talk to explain sexual orientation and gender to kids in very simple terms
  • How can you and your family be supportive of LGBTQQIA children
  • How to can you be supportive if you suspect your child might be LGBTQQIA
  • How to ask someone about their sexual orientation and/or gender expression
  • How to use gender pronouns correctly and appropriately

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126: Melissa DaSilva: Pride Connections
Episode 126
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